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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy? Is it accredited?

    Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy (IVPA) is a public school providing middle and high school curriculum to Indiana residents for FREE. All of our courses are fully on-line, and IVPA is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). Our courses meet the Indiana Academic Standards.

  2. Does Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy issue diplomas?

    Yes. IVPA issues both CORE 40 as well as CORE 40 with Academic Honors diplomas.

  3. Is Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy approved by NCAA?


  4. How much do Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy courses cost?

    Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy is provided at NO COST for Indiana resident students enrolling as a full-time student. For those taking individual courses or those who are not residents of Indiana,* there is a tuition fee per course.

    *Please note these courses apply toward an Indiana diploma. If you are not an Indiana resident, your school may or may not accept these credits as valid for your state’s diploma requirements. Please confirm with your school before enrolling.

  5. Do students get actual live teachers?

    All of our courses are taught by State Certified Instructors certified in their fields. Teachers communicate with students on a regular basis by phone, email and online discussions.

  6. Does Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy provide students with a computer?

    No. Students wishing to take an IVPA course must have access to their own computer via home, friend's house, or local library. We have some helpful connections if a student needs a personal computer.

  7. Do I need to purchase textbooks?

    All course materials are provided online. Should a particular course need any special text or material, we will provide it. Materials are sent to the students, but the parent/guardian is responsible for returning it to back to the school once the course has been completed.

  8. How do I know what courses to take?

    To begin please visit our Course Progression page found here.

  9. Does Indiana Virtual Pathways Academy offer Honors Courses?

    Almost all of our courses may be taken for Regular or Honors credit. You will register for regular, then inform your teacher once placed in the regular version of your desire to work for honors credit. More info about honors courses.

  10. How long do the courses last?

    Courses are 16-18 weeks per credit. We do not offer reduced content, or summer school. All courses provide the entire spectrum of components required by Indiana.

  11. Can students accelerate and complete their diploma faster?

    Yes you can! Students will be given a Traditional Pace chart which shows students doing an average of 2-3 lessons a week for a rate of about 3-5 hours of study time a week. Students can elect to do extra assignments a week and complete the course in less time.